Sweatpants; You Have Been Dismissed.

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Sweatpants have never done anything great for fashion. Sure you’re comfortable wearing baggy soft material, but you look like a nightmare. Guys, I can see your balls. Ladies, your ass looks flat and droopy.

I used to think it was OK to wear sweatpants while exercising, but its not, that is why shorts were invented. I used to think wearing them around the house was ok, but its not, that is why you have a house, so you can walk around naked. If you have roommates and you really want to wear them around the house, you can graduate to Pajama Pants, which if worn right can make you look down right classy.

If someone sees you in sweatpants it should be more embarrassing then being caught naked, because you probably look better naked then you do in shitty sweatpants. Sweatpants I’m showing you the door, you are dismissed.

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One Comment on “Sweatpants; You Have Been Dismissed.”

  1. #1 meat hat said at 11:55 am on December 2nd, 2008:

    Plaxico from the New York Giants, shot-hem-sellllf in the leg because he put his loaded gun in the waist band of his sweat pants at a night club. I blame the sweat pants, not the gun, and Plaxico from the new york giants should be ashamed for wearing sweatpants in public, and having it reported in the news.

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