White Jesus; You Have Been Dismissed

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White Jesus, you are dismissed

White Jesus, you are dismissed

White Jesus, even before we elected our Nation’s first Black President, your honky ass was on the way out. Maybe it’s because all of your greatest supporters are from Florida, or maybe it’s because you spend your time following High School Football teams, listening to prayers about people getting rich or hoping they aren’t really pregnant when that son of a bitch Heath only put it in for a few seconds and maybe you are just late cause of stress, but really, it’s 2008 White Jesus, and time to face the facts.

Fact is, you came from the Middle East, and most of those folks who hate on the gays in your name know deep down inside that them folks in the Middle East is different from white folks (ESPECIALLY in Florida). So while it would be really kick ass if you looked like this

Odds are, according to Historians (as if), you probably looked like this:

Which is close enough to looking like this

for me to come around full circle to believe that maybe there is a God, and therefore believe in Black Jesus as well.

Sorry White Jesus, you’ll always have Tex Mex to love and abortion to hate. You’ll be ok.

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One Comment on “White Jesus; You Have Been Dismissed”

  1. #1 meat hat said at 6:48 pm on November 11th, 2008:

    Question: What do you get when you make a fresh waffle and put vanilla ice cream on it and smother is in butterscotch?

    Answer: A White Jesus

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