Charles Darwin: The Citizens of America (not me) have dismissed you.

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I just shit my panties when I read that only 4 out of 10 American people believe in Evolution. Four? Only four? Shit christmas this is not the hell in a handbasket ride I was hoping for, this is like being stuck on Mr. Rodgers Trolly for 200 years with no exit station  in site.


According to Gullup Poll people either believe it,  disagree or have no idea who Darwin is or the theory to which he is attached. This explains the nations actions of late. We as a nation are clearly not educated, which makes it clear as Ralph Macchio’s skin as to why we are such a religious country, because we are all bat shit stupid. But our nation’s god of choice certainly does give us one heck of a sexy ego.


74% of post graduate graduates believed in evolution as apposed to 21% of high school students graduates. Apparently, we need science classes in public schools.

“Oh excuse me, (covering my mic and stepping off my soap box)  we’re broke, we can’t teach the childrens anymore? ok sorry, I guess we’re fucked.”

Americans’ religious beliefs might make be the end of our western civilization. If you can’t see that simple fact that natural selection is alive and working in the world, you might need to watch more animal planet. Animals aren’t just at the zoo, they are an open window to the powers of nature.


(To be fair, Gallup only asks people who have a landline telephone, who the Fuck has a land line telephone, and answers it? Dinosaurs if you ask me).

I’ll keep my full rant to when they include Cell phone owners, and Gallup Poll needs to gets smarter and change their caller ID name to MOM.

Until then, stay smart America.

Meat Hat

Dismissed Readers, Do you believe in Evolution?

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One Comment on “Charles Darwin: The Citizens of America (not me) have dismissed you.”

  1. #1 Hobophile said at 9:25 pm on February 12th, 2009:

    Darwinian evolution is unquestionably disputable, at best…lest we forget. And that 36% (or whatever) who doesn’t care this way or that….have faith. We’re not stupid….just apathetic. I’ll take apathetic over stupid any day of the week. But that’s me.

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