Headbands; You Have Been Dismissed

Posted: December 4th, 2008 By: bacon dumpling | Under: Clothes, Style, people | Tags: , ,

I went to a show a few weeks ago, and the newest big thing out of Silverlake was playing. They sort of one-upped the old band trick of having a hot girl play keyboards, by having two hot girls play keyboards. Both of these broads were wearing little tiny leather headbands. They looked like LARPERS from a Never Ending Story specific universe.

When I went to find photos on the internets about headbands, I found this piece of copy which really states the argument for dismissal better than I ever could:

“Wearing headbands is the easiest way to obtain a hippie chic. Many celebs from Elle Machperson to Mischa Barton, Ashley Simpson and Nicole Richie were seen wearing this instant style piece. You can team up the headband with a pair of wide leg jeans and bohemian tunic or kaftan. Another way to look the ultimate glam hippy is pairing the headband with a flowy maxi dress.”

Flowy and maxi are not two words I would ever put together unless I was talking about cunt gravy, which only happens on Easter Sunday. But I digress, the point is, Fuck You and your stupid headband. You have been dismissed.

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Silverlake: You Have Been Dismissed

Posted: December 3rd, 2008 By: 90069me | Under: Places, Style, Things I Dated, dismissed, people | Tags: , , , , ,

I used to want to live in you, then I got to know you.

You give the illusion of being the cool part of town – kinda indie, kinda gay, kinda artsy, kinda bohemian… but you’re really just a slacker neighborhood in search of a soul with overpriced, rundown shacks being passed off as quaint fixer uppers for spoiled elitists. Read the rest of this entry »

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